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Personal and Professional Coaching

Dream it into Life

Welcome to a World of Change

I work with people from all over the world who are ready to better their lives and accomplish their personal and professional goals through coaching. I currently provide coaching in English and French.

I coach people in the area of life transitions - changing careers, starting a new business, making financial decisions, relocating, family relationships, parenting, dating, and retirement planning.


I also specialize in cultural integration. If you are multicultural and multilingual and need support to recreate your life in a new country, I understand the challenge and the complexity of blending multiple cultures and making the best of your experience.

I work on the phone, in person in the Bay Area,  California, or on skype on a weekly basis. An initial intake session assesses where you are today and where you want to focus and change. Email support is available in between sessions. The weekly coaching sessions provide you with motivation, insight, clarity and support to create the actions that will move your forward in your life.

Please email for more information or call me at


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